Review Granta Liftback


‘People’s car’ has now more striking and attractive design. LADA Granta inherited contemporary design of new LADA style.
X-shaped elements of the front bumper, expressive design of lighting equipment and plenty of other usable improvements - this is new LADA Granta


LADA Granta is driver- and passenger-friendly. Easy to get in - large doors can be opened widely to welcome the passengers.
Cozy seats, sufficient overhead space – LADA Granta makes you feel comfortable in any trip.
Ergonomic interior design is comfortable for anybody - for the driver and for the passengers. Logical and user-friendly arrangement of controls, elevated position of driver and passenger seats.
With interior climate control system you may choose the most comfortable temperature for you and your passengers.
Listen to your favorite music and answer necessary phone calls in loudspeaker mode with LADA Granta audio system. The LADA Granta audio system is a part of the safety system: the music gets quieter when the reverse gear is on.


Remember the joy you experience when you get a present you’ve always dreamt of!? Imagine the joy of the person who gets a present from you - a present he’s always dreamt of! It is still hard sometimes to understand what people next to you want. It is good to have a car able to meet the needs which vary.

  • New design of dashboard with white-colored lighting.
  • New design and shape of seats with sculptured profile of lateral support.
  • Central console of dashboard with X-style sculptured elements and LED-lighting for displayed symbols.
  • Smart geometry of headrests.
  • Stylish GB lever, glossy black, chrome-plated.