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Scheduled vehicle maintenance (MOT) is a list of control, preventive, diagnostic and adjustment work necessary to maintain the vehicle in accordance with the requirements of safety, reliability and durability.

Maintenance must be performed at least 1 time per year or when the set Kilometer is reached.

Regular maintenance extends the life of your vehicle. Carrying out maintenance at an authorized dealer allows you to maintain the warranty on the car and its components, which will allow you to save significant funds in case of costly repair of components and assemblies.

WE are constantly working to make the cost of service more attractive for you, selecting the best materials and improving the technology for maintenance and repair.

The list of works and their frequency are determined by the manufacturer. Detailed information on the list of works and their frequency is described in the “Service book”. 

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Benefits Of Official Service

1. Optimal cost of service 
We are constantly working to make the cost of service more attractive for you by selecting the best materials and improving the technology for maintenance and repair. 
You can find out the cost of service on the page " Technical maintenance and fix price menu"
2. Quality Assurance 
Service of your car in the official LADA service centers allows you not only to keep the manufacturer's warranty for your car, but also to be sure of the high quality of all service operations.
All official LADA service centers are certified and equipped with special tools, modern diagnostic and repair equipment.
3. Professional staff 
The employ of LADA workshop are qualified specialists who regularly train and improve their skills.
Employee training programs include acquaintance with the feature of new models, modern methods and technologies for servicing and testing LADA cars. And each specialist of the service centers receives certificates from LADA. 
4. Original spare parts
LADA carefully approaches to the selection of suppliers and the incoming quality control of components parts.
Original spare parts are sold by authorized LADA dealers are fully consistent with the quality of those supplied on the assembly line of the manufacturer.
Turning to the official LADA service you can be sure that your car is serviced y original spare parts.

Original Spare Parts

Using Original spare parts, you will be confident in your LADA car in any situation during a long  time .

When you service and repair your car in official LADA service with only original spare parts , which fully correspond to those that are used on the assembly line of the manufacturer and have the main advantages of original spare parts :

- Quality Assurance

- Compatibility and compliance with all technical requirements 

- Keeping of the original vehicle performance

- Guaranteed safe car operation

- The range of original spare parts fully meets demand

You can also buy original accessories from LADA dealers that meet the high requirements of the LADA brand and all safety standards .

Original LADA accessories

Original LADA accessories help protect your car, increase its operational characteristics, individual its and provide freedom of quality choice .

Car accessories meet the high requirements of the LADA brand and all safety standards.


From January 1, 2020, the LADA model range has been offered with the updates warranty. Choosing the new front-wheel drive cars, you get the 3-year or 100,000 Km ( which comes earlier ) warranty . Such warranty conditions confirm compliance with high modern quality criteria.

In order to maintain the vehicle in good technical condition and maintain the warranty, it is necessary to comply with all the rules of the vehicles operation, manufacturer's recommendations and the maintenance .

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